The closest, most comfortable shave. Ever.

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It's time to join the single blade revolution.

Uncompromising in quality

From solid stainless steel construction to ultra-sharp American made blades and the highest quality natural ingredients, we've spared no expense in developing the best shaving experience possible.

"I have finally found a solution to the ingrown hairs that have plagued me."

Andrew Wilson

"Very close and no irritation. A solid and very well made razor."


"...this is the best razor I've ever used. Seriously."


"What a great shave. I still can't believe this razor."


"Quite possibly the greatest shave of all time."


Six month blade supply

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Easier, More Intuitive Shave

Not all single blade razors are created equal. Many are intimidating to use for first timers: causing cuts, nicks and burns. That's why we created the Single Edge. It's the easiest way to begin shaving with a single blade.

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Better investment

The Single Edge is a larger upfront investment, but costs fractions of the price in the long run. Our $0.45 blades means after two years with us , you end up paying half as much as you do with the other guys.


Kickstarter born and raised

We're a small husband/wife team fueled by our customer community. From product design to customer service, to branding and marketing - we do it all.  We don't have fancy investors, big time media connections, or huge bank accounts. We have you. 

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