March 21, 2017

I've always wondered - why do they usually make shaving bowls out of ceramic? It seems like such a terrible material to choose. When using a shaving bowl, you want it to do two things really well: (1) Build a quick, easy lather and (2) Keep your lather warm. Ceramic is terrible at both of these. There are really so many better choices out there.

Take marble, for example. A rough-polished marble surface has micro-ridges that are perfect for building a quick, fluffy lather. Even better, marble retains heat three times as well as ceramic. Which means you can get a hot, barber-style lather at home with a marble bowl. And as an added bonus, it looks mighty sexy on your bathroom countertop:

SUPPLY Marble Shaving Bowl

Adding a shaving bowl to our lineup has never been a question of if - just when. And more importantly, what. For months, I've been racking my brains for a proper design to compliment our current shaving products. After prototypes in wood, steel, and ceramic, it finally hit me. Marble.

It seems so obvious looking back. It's durable, substantial, and handsome - three qualities that get any product a free pass to our shop's line up. This bowl is a functional piece that's a complete no-brainer addition to any bathroom.

So how's it work? Simple. You can use it with any shaving soap or cream. First, take a scoop of the cream and transfer it to the bowl:

SUPPLY Marble Shaving Bowl

Make sure to rub the cream into the surface of the bowl (so that it doesn't fly around during the next part). Finally, grab a wet brush and whip up a soft lather. Don't be a baby - really show that soap who's boss.

You know it's ready when it's soft and fluffy. Add water if you need to - and don't be afraid to screw it up. The whole point is to enjoy yourself.

SUPPLY Shave Bowl

And voilà, you have your first step towards a barber-style shave, right at home. Grab our White Marble Shave Bowl now while it lasts - and pair it up with our Shave Accessories Set for the entire VIP experience. 

Until Next Week,

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