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February 02, 2017

Remember that time I told you that I quit my corporate job? Well, the reality is finally setting in. Two days ago, I turned off the lights and locked my office for the last time. And now, the real work begins. 

I've already been so swamped with some new (super secret) projects that I failed at writing this week's issue of the Field Notes. I know, I know - I'm only four weeks into the series. Cut me some slack!

So this week, I recruited Jennifer (my better half) to give you our top Valentine's Day gift recommendations. She's rounded up our favorite brands and products, including a special discount on our best selling Shave Accessories Set. Don't worry, she's covered the whole gamut - gifts for him and her, gifts on the cheap, and gifts to really impress.  

Oh, and if you're celebrating National Single's Day instead, that's cool. Read on to find a special gift to treat yo' self with.  


Pappy Barrel Aged Syrup

Pappy Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup, $38  huckberry.com

Haven't heard of Pappy Van Winkle? This family-owned company has been in business for over 100 years and have lived by Pappy's own motto to "simply be honest and make a good product." And, boy have they. Taste a sip of their bourbon, and you'll understand. But for a more unique gift, buy their barrel-aged maple syrup - perfect for drizzling on morning pancakes or even mixing 5 o'clock cocktails. 

SUPPLY Shave Accessories Set

SUPPLY Shave Accessories Set, $55  getsupply.com

Take his morning routine to the next level with our shave accessories set. Shameless plug, but it really is that good! Our tallow shave soap and post shave tonic are made by hand in small batches with all natural ingredients that you can actually read. Pair them with our soft, synthetic shave brush, and he may become a morning person after all. Sets are available in two scents: Barbershop and Juniper.

Exclusive for our Field Notes subscribers, use the coupon code VALENTINE for $10 off the Shave Accessories Set and free shipping. Good through February 14!

Saddleback Laptop Bag

Saddleback Laptop Bag in Dark Coffee Brown, $329  saddlebackleather.com

"They'll fight over it when you're dead." This company located in Fort Worth (just down the street!) lives up to their slogan and produces some of the most beautiful leather products you've ever seen. And they stand by them - for 100 years, in fact. I personally have owned a couple of their briefcases, and in my experience, each one has only gotten better with age. 


Volcano Candle

Capri Blue Volcano Candle, $28  anthropologie.com

Forget flowers. This candle is always a win. Each one is hand poured in Mississippi with eco-friendly processes and the highest quality of materials. This particular scent has quite the cult following, and for a lower budget the price ain't too bad either.

Natalie Borton Lottie Tassel Necklace

The Lottie Tassel Necklace, $50  natalieborton.com

This jewelry line of minimal, California-inspired design by our good friend, Natalie Borton fits all styles of women and compliments any outfit with it's neutral hues. Each piece is handmade in limited quantities, and new designs are released weekly. Added bonus - a portion of all sales are donated to The National Eating Disorder Association as an outward representation that true beauty lies within.

The Citizenry Apasco 5-Piece Mezcal Set

Apasco 5-Piece Mezcal Set, $95  the-citizenry.com

The Citizenry celebrates the people behind their products and partners with local artisans to produce handmade goods in each of their country specific collections. For their Mexico collection, they partnered with a studio of glassblowers to create this stunning set of hand-blown, one-of-a-kind pieces. Add in a bottle of mezcal, and you have yourself a pretty, exciting date night. 

Until Next Week,

Patrick Coddou

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