May 25, 2017

We did it! Our new Kickstarter campaign was funded in less than three hours, and we're up to 600% funding just a week in.  🙌 🙌

It's impossible to describe the roller coaster of emotions that come with preparing to launch a Kickstarter campaign - even if you already have a successful campaign under your belt. It's a daily swing between "we're going to take over the world!" and "what if nobody shows up?"

On May 3rd, we decided to finally pull the trigger on a campaign that we had been mulling over for months. And we decided to put it together in 12 days.

I honestly didn't think it could be done. I was completely prepared to announce that we had failed to meet the self-imposed deadline. But through sleepless nights, an extra dose of caffeine, and help from some amazing friends, we actually made it!

It would also be impossible to describe the gratitude we have towards our backers, customers, and cheerleaders. You are what makes us get up in the morning and keep going. We love creating for you, and we are constantly humbled by your support and excitement. 

We can't wait to deliver the new razors - we're already hard at work trying to beat our delivery estimates.

Didn't get in on the campaign?? There's still time! It runs through June 30th, but don't wait - back us now!

Those of you that might not be interested in V2.0, rejoice! We're already working on our next launch - due for late summer. Stay tuned.

If you have the chance, be sure to spread the word about our campaign! It's super easy. Here's how you can help:


As always, thank you for joining us on this journey.

Until Next Week,

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