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Great prodcuts

Love the new razor and have appreciated the communication before the product arrived as well as after. There is a learning curve (like everyone says) but the products are well-made and worth the little extra starting effort. My only suggestion would be to better label the custom shave settings. They are not marked on the packaging for which is which and it's hard to quickly know which is sensitive and which is aggressive. A minor nit in an otherwise wonderful product experience.

Great for travel

I’ve typically relied on travel razors when vacationing in the past, but this gives me a portable option for a more comfortable razor that I’m already familiar with.

Great shave

Most of my life I’ve shaved with a single injector type razor, best shave ever. It has become increasingly difficult to find one, patched up my old one best as I could until I saw your very beautiful and well built razor.
Back to comfortable, close shaves, happy camper. The stand for the razor is a stroke of genius, highly recommend, keeps it dry, safe and at hand. Well done gentlemen, improving on classics works,best of luck , I hope many others will discover that the single blade is by far the best shave out there.

Stick with it,

To be honest, my first few shaves were not pleasant. I, like most people, have developed bad shaving habits using cartridge razors. I was close to returning the razor, but I watched the great tutorial videos, loaded a new blade, and gave it another shot. After a few more shaves, the results were what I was hoping for. Close shaves with no irritation. I have ordered the custom shave settings and look forward to the versatility.

Quality gear

Anyone who appreciates fine things and well-crafted tools will enjoy this razor. Each component of the starter set is top-notch and makes for a great experience. While I am still refining my technique after years of disposable razor habits, each shave is getting progressively better.

The Pleasure of Caring

Sometimes having to take care of your skin results in a pleasure of aromas and sensations.


never a fan of multiple blade razors - I was intrigued to try a Supply razor...I guess I must have been sold before I got one 'cause I ordered the razor, a stand, travel case, and extra blades...sooo here is the outcome - great products!!!...superb shave without even fussing over setting...gotta love classic matte black for the razor and stand!...thanks

Great Razor

Gives a close shave, easy to find angle and very forgiving for beginners.

Lives up to expectations

I'm a long time user of Gillette and Schick multi-blade razors. For many years they've got the job done but I've never really been that impressed with the closeness of the shave. The replacement blades are also ridiculously expensive. I tried the Supply Single Edge 2.0 because I was hoping for a razor that would provide a cleaner shave and so far it has lived up to my expectations.

Keep in mind that there is a learning curve with this razor. Nothing overwhelming, but it is noticeable if you are used to other razor types. My first try I spent about 25 minutes shaving because I wanted to make sure I didn't nick my carotid artery and bleed out on the bathroom floor. That patience paid off and I've been nick-free with this razor since I started using it. Just take it slowly at the start and, as the instructions helpfully point out, DON'T PRESS! Use a light grip and allow the nicely balanced weight of the razor do the work for you.

Great work Patrick and Jennifer! I'm a new fan.

Great Blades

Never had such a smooth shave

High quality texture

I love the case and I plan to use it simply to store my razor which I LOVE

BBS shave- unique but effective.

Been switching over to DE and SE razors since Mach 3s we’re getting more expensive and degrading (more frequent cuts and rzr burns). Bought this since I was having issues going against the grain with mos DE razors due to flat thick growing hair around mouth, under my, nose and chin. Also, very little gunk buildup. You’d think with the setup they have that shaving cream and pre shave oil would gunk it up making it hard to clean between strokes- not at all.

This razor mowed it down. Now it was very different than I expected. Nothing I’ve ever felt before. See, the blade this uses is quite hefty. It’s a thicker blade than the Razor blades for DE shavers and the mach 3s. You’d think thinner would slice better? I thought so too. But, this razor mowed down my whiskers against the grain and had a very tactile feel. You have very little audible shaving sound but high skin feel to hairs being shaved- almost like a barbers razor. I did a side by side with my 6c and it was dead even apart from a nick from the 6c- which may be my own doing, but nonetheless I’ve owned this razor for a shorter amount of time.

I’m Impressed, telling the wife to get me the black one for Xmas.

Custom Shave Settings

The Mild setting is much more forgiving than the Classic setting. My first shave with the Classic setting left me with several facial nicks. However, I believe that has more to do with the smoothness of my skin rather than the razor. My shave with the Mild setting yielded no nicks or cuts. The products are great quality!

Love the Single Edge!

Been using the Single Edge for about two months and, after a 2-3 d learning curve, absolutely love it. My morning shave is quicker, smoother, and with less irritation than ever. Just added the aggressive setting to my razor and have never had a closer shave. The customer service provided by Patrick has been fantastic - there was a long delay in the stock of the custom shave setting in matte black and I e-mailed Patrick about it. His reply was prompt, accurate, and he actually followed up by email after I had finally received the custom shave setting! I love the razor's quality and functionality so much I purchased one in a starter set for my Father's upcoming Birthday!

Best shaves of my life

Just checking in to say I'm using your razor and grooming products consistently with ZERO CUTS and getting the best shaves of my life! That sounds very overstated I know but it's as accurate as I can describe my experiences. Thank you again for a great product and exceptional service. I'm ordering the travel case as soon as you guys get the Arenella Coast post shave back in stock as I need more of that too!

Worth Every Penny

I hate shaving. I have tried every razor, product, technique you can think of to make it more enjoyable but to no avail. That is until I recently purchased your razor. I was skeptical how it would perform given the single blade and the price. Shaving now has gone from an activity I hated to one now I actually enjoy!! You have a loyal customer and product advocate for life!! Thank you for an amazing product!

I love this stuff

I'm not the kind of guy to write a review for, well.... lotion. But this stuff is seriously amazing. I've previously used the cheap store bought crap, and it sort of works but always feels super greasy. I didn't even realize there was a better way until my wife got this for me. It actually soaks into my skin and makes it feel so much better - especially now that it's getting cold and chapped skin is a daily thing. The scent is unbelievable too. It's not cheap but man is it worth it. I'll be back.

Best razor Ive used in 48 years of shaving

This is the best razor I have used and I've used many in the 48years that I have been shaving. The best and smoothest shave with no irritation bar none. used them all safety razors, Gillete mach 1, 3 fusion razors Harrys 5 blade and electric razors. Supply gives the best shave little effort no irritation great feel to razor in my hands. Recommended Highly.

Excellent razor

I ordered a warehouse deal razor. The razor and packaging appears to be perfect. It rapidly became my favorite razor and if properly cared for should last a lifetime. I am very impressed with quality of the Supply products and plan to try some of their other items. Btw,
I ordered another warehouse deal razor for my son. It also appears to be flawless. They were shipped promptly and arrived within three days. Great product and equally great customer service. Thank you.

Nice product

Great shave ever!


Just received my new marble shaving bowl today. I had already shaved, but had to do a test lather. HOLY COW I LOVE THIS THING! I had lather everywhere plus I love the way it fits in the palm of my hand and how well it will fit into my travel bag! To those that say it isn't large enough, JUST HOW MUCH LATHER DO YOU NEED? Is your face the size of a pumpkin?? Great job folks, and thanks!

Amazing razor

I have always used disposable blades and took the leap of faith with the Supply Single Edge 2.0! There is a small learning curve but by my second shave it was as easy as ever. I have had no irritation or ingrowns so far.

It’s incredible

I love everything about this shave cream. Best I’ve ever used.

Excellent Product

Excellent product.

Absolutely the best

Had a little glitch at first but changed out the first blade and WOW instantly started getting the best shave EVER!!! I now like shaving again