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Excellent Razor and Service

All I can say is wow. I have used multi blade razors, DE razors, disposable razors and now this. Love the weight and balance. The razor effortlessly glides through my beard. The blade is perfect for edging as well. I had a problem with my first razor and the manner in which the blades were loading. I sent a photo to Patrick along with an explanation and a new razor was sent, no questions asked. Sadly quality and service are two things that you do not find today's society, but not with Supply. I would highly recommend this company and their razor. I will be placing an order for their shave cream and aftershave.

Best value stainless steel razor

I'm really happy with my purchase, really smooth shaves, great look and high precision work and finish. If a V3 that is more aggressive than the current one comes out I'll most probably also purchase it. For most people, the current version will be perfect as is but if you have a tough quick growing beard you might need 4 passes (or more depending on how many days you didn't shave, even with the aggressive plate), but they will be super smooth and without irritation so that's still ok. For this price, a stainless razor of this quality is a bargain - you can't go wrong.


love your blades and nice to have a steady supplier and not have to search eBay for nos blades thank you!

It worked splendidly!

The last two days I have had the best shaving experiences of my life! The supply razor is so perfectly balanced and just glides through my facial hair with incredible ease. The shave cream and post shave balm leaves my face silky smooth and feeling superb. Even my wife noticed when she complimented how smooth my face was just before bed (which was 14 hours after my actual shave!). Everything is just wonderfully perfect. A heartfelt thank you for creating such amazing products that now allow me to actually be excited about shaving everyday. God bless:)


From the moment I ordered the supply single edge razor,I’ve had nothing but great service from Patrick and Jennifer. My razor arrived in about one week (as I live in the U.K). I only ordered the classic plate,as I had seen reviews on YouTube,as they were happy with the classic plate. To hold it in your hand is amazing,great weight and comfortable. My first shave was outstanding,a very close shave. This razor is a credit to the company,all the best for the future. I definitely would recommend this razor to everyone.


Base upon so many positive reviews, I ordered the Polished and Jet Black razors. After a initial blade issue was rectified, I proceeded to give the Polished razor it's initial run. I used the comfort(2 dot) setting. Wow, what a comfortable and efficient shave. I made three passes, drew no blood, and was 90% BBS. I have a very heavy, thick beard and probably will need the aggressive plate to get 100% BBS. I'll use the 3 dot plate with the next shave.
This razor just gets the job done and makes it enjoyable to boot. It has joined my top 5 razors category(Rockwell 6S. Timeless, Weber, and Blackland Sabre). This sucker is very heavy and well made. No pot metal here!!! Could there be improvements...yes. Primarily, I would recommend a handle with some knurling. I did not have any slippage; but I can see where it could easily happen.
Patrick was just amazing to work with....EXEMPLARY CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!...This is one excellent razor and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU GET ONE(OR TWO LIKE I DID).

Can't think of a better investment!

As the razor goes so does the accessories kit. Can't think of a better investment I've made for my personal care than this. Thank you again for quality products. You will be hearing from me on refills.

Close, comfortable shave. Awesome.

Very well-balanced, nicely made razor. Coming from a high quality double edge safety razor, this shaves much more smoothly and effortlessly. Virtually zero friction at all. My beard is very coarse and thick, so I very much need the Aggressive setting to get the best shave, but I'm very pleased with this razor. Customer service is top notch, as well.

Great product

This shaving cream lathers easily and provides a slick cushion. I bought this in the Arenella fragrance and enjoy it very much. Moreover, the minimalist design of the jar looks brilliant on your bathroom sink.

Great Leather Case

Did you ever own a baseball glove? Do you remember how it smelled? Nothing like real leather to bring back those memories!
Well today I opened the Supply Leather Case box and relived those memories again. The case is a perfect size, well stitched,
lined with real leather (which is unexpected for the price), and is a bargain for $39. A perfect case to store my Single Edge between shaves. Glad I decided to buy one...

Joy in shaving again

Supply has made a great razor! The classic is all you really need for bbs shave. But the other blade guards give you more flexibility for your daily growth. Their customer service is outstanding! Thanks Patrick for bringing the joy back to the daily shave, at a price we can all enjoy!

Awesome doesn't do it justice

Beautiful execution of an elegant idea. Of course, none of that means anything if it doesn't shave well. And, boy oh boy, does it. Simple to find the angle and delivers an exceptionally smooth and close shave. The narrow head allows you to easily get into tight places. Have on used another razor once since I received it - for ONE pass. I then put it down and picked up the Single Edge and finished. Truly outstanding.

Very unique accessory!

I’ve found that in addition to the white marble shaving bowl, the tray has made a distinct impression on the vanity. It’s not often that everything has a look and feel that only marble can bring. Thoroughly enjoying it!

Thank You

Patrick, you hit one out of the park

I'm 75 years old, have been shaving for 60 years and have used the following razors:

- Gillette Toggle, Fatboy, Slim, Aristocrat Jr., Double Ring, Atra and multi-blades
- Gem single edge
- Rolls Razor from England
- Schick single edge M21 adjustable
- Various straights
- Electrics...Norelco, Braun

In all of those years, I never had such a smooth, close and irritation free shave as I did today with the Supply Single Edge (#2 head). Patrick, you hit one out of the park. You and Jennifer should be proud of what you have accomplished. The razor is well balanced, heavy enough, is built like a tank and is easy to clean after shaving. I especially like that it is made of stainless steel. I wish you both good luck with your business.

Great travel case

Looks sharp, well made, and the razor fits snugly. It'll be nice to bring my single edge along when I travel.

Great Shaves with no problems.

I am an experienced user of Injector Razors and as far as the quality of finished Shave is concerned, the Supply equals the best I can get with them. Great blade feel to chart the progress of the Shave, and great Shaves with no problems.


Like all Supply Company products, this bowl is superb and at an absurdly low price for its quality and ability to whip up a quality lather. Its minimalist aesthetic goes beautifully with the Supply razor. It's also nice that each bowl is unique due to variations in marble, which keeps lather warm much longer than another of my favorite bowls, the Saponificio Varesino 'grail,' which is wood and much more expensive. I'm glad I got one of yours before they were sold out, at least for now.

A Great Razor

I used a Single Edge Razor in the early 70's, but have used multi-blade cartridge razors for the last 40 years. I have been using the Supply Single Edge for over a week and am very pleased with the quality of its shave. I have used the installed medium closeness setting and see no need to shift to the sensitive or aggressive closeness setting that came in the box. The real key to enjoying this razor from the start, is using a light touch as the instructions advise. No pressure is needed on the razor to get a close and smooth shave. I am a Single Edge convert and wish this razor had been available years ago. It is a Great Razor.

Experienced Single Edge User

I have been using an injector razor as my razor of choice for years. I always disliked that I had to buy older, small, plastic used razors to shave with an injector.
I have been fooled by great reviews before but I decided to make the jump anyways after seeing all the good reviews on this razor.
I think this is a great razor and will be my every day shaver from now on. It feels and looks good and the shave is excellent. I shave every 3 days so the fact that it is hard to clog is important to me.
A couple years ago I purchased another well reviewed razor that cost 4x’s as much and it has sat in the back of my closet as I could never get a good shave with it. I got an excellent shave the very first time. Also appreciate the instructions included for those who have never used an SE.
My only issue was the first two blades in the injector pack were misaligned and so I couldn’t use them. I have rarely had that issue before. I hope they get it sorted out as for a second I thought it was another overhyped kickstarter razor. Once I was able to get the razor aligned with no isssues I loved it!

Great razor (V2) / Great Single Edge Starter Set

In the morning, I'm always like grumpy cat but this razor put a smile on my face. This razor produces a close and comfortable shave. The build quality of the V2-Razor is very high. I also like my chosen fragrance "Lost Provence". Because this is my first razor brush I can't compare it with others. The delivery to Germany was very fast and the order was well packed. Finally, I can get rid of my annoying multi-blade razors.

Amazing razor

I have used and loved a DE for about 10 years but wanted to try an injector with the main idea that this could be a good razor to use when I was a running late and needed a faster shave. Yet after after week with this razor, I have found that it shaves closer, more comfortably and faster than my DE. This amazing razor has now become my regular shaver.

5 are NOT better than 1!!

I'm so old that, when I started shaving, safety razors only had a single blade. Then Schick, Gillette, etc. began the razor wars by adding a second blade. I thought it was a cool idea, but the fact is it took the same number of passes to get a close shave. "The first blade lifts the hair, the second blade cuts it" is a bunch of baloney. The war escalated to three, four and even five blades. Each time, the price went up dramatically, but the shave didn't improve. So, I ditched my 4-blade razor and its expensive blades. Thanks, Supply. You've got a quality product that works great.

The Finest quality shaving instrument I have ever handled


I want to let you know that this has to be the finest shaving instrument that I have had the opportunity to handle. When you pick it up you know this is well made. If you follow the instructions and let the razor do the work as intended, it is an exceptional shave. The only regret I have in purchasing this razor is I only purchased the razor and not the complete starter kit.

Thank you for making a quality product.


Barry Wells

Love leather

match with single edge.

Top Notch!

Beautiful craftsmanship at an absurdly low price point for the quality. Room for a pack of injector blades, though a bit snug. I think it'd be nice with a Supply logo (if you have one) or simply: SUPPLY. Your customer service is also unrivaled.

Great shaving experience

Thank you so much for this great razor and flawless process.

I loved everything about it, it displayed your commitment, authenticity and integrity:
- Simple, bottom line product.
- High quality communication (videos, emails, updates, etc., not too often, not too few, always providing bottom line value).
- Clear offer and pricing.
- On-time delivery

And now, after 3 weeks of shaving every day with the single edge razor 2.0, I can say a “great" product. I needed 1-2 weeks to adjust my “touch”, but once I did, I can say that this is a great shaving experience.

Now I cannot wait to order another razor ! (Which I did already ;) )

best carrying case for the single edge

The case fits just perfect. Great acquisition, can't regret. Top quality material, you should get one for your single edge!


Ordering from the UK, the speed of delivery was nearly faster than amazon would have delivered and the package arrived neatly packed without any wastage.
The shaving case was absolutely beautiful. The smell of fresh leather and full leather lining was something to appreciate. There is a sturdiness to it that makes you want to order a whole set of luggage from the same material; the zipper reminding me of the amazing quality from Levy jeans that has been improved upon and will last for years to come.
Well worth the investment, even though there are some minor customs charges in the UK.
Fantastic product and fantastic service!

Great product and customer service

Before I purchased my new razor, I had a couple of questions and Patrick answered them himself, quickly and to my satisfaction. I have never seen better customer service coupled with an amazing product.

Good razor with room for improvement

This razor gives excellent shaves with all three base plates, though it would be better if the three corresponding dots indicating blade gap were on the bottom of the plates, not the top, so that they'd be visible while shaving. On that note, I would NOT recommend this razor to anyone who prefers to change levels of aggression DURING the shave, because that is a real hassle with this one. Far better for that purpose is the Rockwell system, also some vintage adjustable razors (the Gillette Fatboy, etc.) or modern ones (the Merkur Progress or Futur). However, if this option is irrelevant to you, then the Supply razor is a great choice. It is manufactured in the U.S. by true artisans. The price point is incredible, also considering the expense of SE's like the Mongoose, the Above the Tie, or the Rocnel, which do not necessarily shave any better than the Supply razor. Of course, those are not injectors but do have a variety of great blade choices to modulate levels of aggression. Please note that none of what I'm saying is a criticism of the Supply razor, just some observations. Finally, the customer service provided by Supply Company is really superb, second to none. These people care!

Review of blade

They are right excellent.

looks great

the travel case looks great!

Supply SE V2

Nice looking quality razor which provides a very comfortable shave. In my particular case the standard (2dot head) razor I purchased is very mild and not very efficient in reducing my coarse stubble. With my mild DE razors I can always use a more aggressive blade to get an acceptable shave but with injector type razors unfortunately we are currently very limited in blade selection.

I am still considering on whether to upgrade to the 3 dot razor head but the uncertainty of whether this will make much of a difference is holding me back. If I choose to upgrade the razor I would probably go all in and get the nice travel pouch as well.

Hey Bohdan, Thanks so much for your honest thoughts! It does sound like you might benefit from trying out the Aggressive Shave Setting. The good news is we offer free shipping and returns (as you know), and make the returns process super easy. So give it a shot! If it's not for you, we'll gladly take it back. My goal is to make sure you have the best shave possible - no matter what it takes.
Fantastic !

So i was a little skeptical as you never know what the product you receive is really going to be like. So when the razor arrived and I opened the presentation box i was very pleasantly surprised. I have fairly large hands and so what i liked was the weight and the feel when holding it. The craftsmanship is awesome , even my girls made the comment of "holy %#$% it looks good" . The shaving takes a bit of getting use to as I played around with the 3 blade settings to see what suited me best. I am definitely converted ;). Thanks and keep up the great work

Very comfortable shave

I have had the shaver for almost a month and it is a pleasure to use. The razor and the travel case are very good quality. The customer service is brilliant.

Should be part of the initial package

Hello, I had been having problems getting lather on my face by putting the cream on my face and using my brush. I usually didn’t have enough water on my brush and got very little lather. If I tried more water on my brush it would slide off my face leaving me with a mess. With the marble bowl I’m in business. I put the bowl in the sink under hot water and it warms the bowl for my entire shave. When ready I put a drop of shaving soap in the bowl and begin to build excellent lather with my wet brush. Since I got the bowl I’ve cut back on the soap and have excellent lather my entire shave. And did I mention I shave twice with the original bowl setup. Creates lather tremendously and it sticks to your face. Excellent product only wish I got it earlier. Jim


Even that you are small company , you have an excellent costumer service and an excellent fibery, just on time

The Perfect Travel Case

Quality made and the perfect size all for the right price.

Fantastic quality and attention to detail

This was my first time using a non electric razor, and I must say I love it. It did take some practice to get the technique down right but it’s worth the wait. Definitely recommend giving it a try!

Great Bowl

First time I used a bowl to create shaving lather and this bowl does the trick. Saves use of shaving cream. Looks great. Perfect size. Top value.


When the hair is longer, the aggressive setting works better than the smoother. You can switch between the settings depending on the length of the beard. Always a great smooth shave!

Essential Product

I debated whether I really needed this but gave it a shot. Turns out it has made the process easier and more efficient. Takes a bit of work to get the lather up but still easier than other ways. I also liked the weight making it very stable in use so you don't have to use your hand to hold it in place. Overall it was well worth the price for me.


Mainly use the bowl to reheat my mac&cheese & the tumblr is great for margaritas!! Use the plate for bacon presentation, all a hit when entertaining!!

Mac & cheese, bacon, and margaritas. The breakfast of champions. Thanks for the review, Timothy :)

Grande rasoio, una piuma in faccia, non lo senti nemmeno. Il solo consiglio che posso dare è che vale la pena acquistare anche il pettine aggressivo perché quello normale restituisce un'ottima sbarbata ma si può fare di meglio.

Awesome tray

Really nicely made piece.
My girlfriend is especially happy that my shaving gear is neatly displayed now :-)

Better than a 5 blade anytime

Everytime I shaved with the Gillette or shick, always had trouble shaving the chin. Constantly getting scuffs and cuts trying to trim that last bit of mouthstache.

Single blade is a godsend, and a wonderful shaver to hold in the hand. Shaves smooth like a babies bum.

Great Shave

I still mastering the one blade but this is one of the best choices I made this year. I highly recommended it. Great product will continue to use it!... Thank you Supply


I've been using my injector razor since I was a junior in college (50+ years ago). It was great to find a source for single-edge injector razor blades, since they haven't been available in retail stores for a long time. A little bright spot in my life. The blades I received from Supply seem to be of high quality and give me smooth, comfortable shaves.

Love your shaving cream

Best Shaving cream i ever used thank u it’s really slick razor glides so good over my face


Great product, will last a lifetime. Very happy with purchase, great customer service