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Glad to have made the switch from safety razors

I'm 2 weeks into my experience with the Supply razor and could not be more pleased! Irritation when shaving my neck has become much less of a problem and the shave is extremely close. I also seem to enjoy myself much more when using the Supply razor, wish I had been introduced to a Single Edge razor much sooner! Definitely recommend and will be gifting this to friends. The customer service is fantastic as well!

Beautiful shave with an unusual razor

I am still new to it, only 5 or 6 shaves
I am actually looking forward to the shave. It became sort of a ritual, with a brush and a soap on a brush, and applying it to my face. Suddenly my shave matters, it became an important moment of self care.

So far, so good

Shaving with safety razors are great because of the control you have with your shave. Based on my results after 4 shaves, getsupply’s safety razor Is my current favorite. Many of the safety razors I’ve used in the past don’t invite creativity in terms of being artistic with shaping your mustache, goatee, etc. shaving with this product definitely goes beyond the typical shave.

Finally enjoy shaving 100% of the time.

After years of razor bumps, I have found a solution and now enjoy shaving. I have thrown every other razor in my house away and am purchasing Supply products for all my friends. I will never look back and recommend Supply to anyone and everyone. Supply team, great job inventing this new Razor and additional products!

Thank you

Travel case

Awesome product! The razor fits perfectly and you can put a single edge blade pack in. The leather is beautiful. It’s a high quality product! Highly recommend if travel even a bit!

Great Shave!

A review of the Starter Kit must begin with the amazing Supply Single Edge Razor. The razor provides a perfect feel of balance and substantial weight in hand. It glides over the face resulting in a shave with such smoothness that demands a repeated test of finger touch of the face to believe. You will experience a very close shave with this razor!

The kit includes injector razor blades (20) that load easily into the razor. The blades provide a very close, irritation free shave. In regard to numbers, I just completed my tenth shave and feel the blade has a few more yet to go. No doubt, these blades are cost effective!

Next up in the kit, The Silvertip Synthetic Shave Brush and The Ultra Lather Shaving Cream. The brush is an excellent performer, comfortably applies the Ultra Lather Shaving Cream. The shave cream easily produces a good, rich lather providing both cushion and glide in concert with the subtle Lost Provence scent. A great shaving experience!

Lastly, the kit includes The Healing Post Shave. This provides a soothing and refreshing conclusion to a great shave with The Supply Single Edge Razor with the subtle hint of the pleasant Lost Provence scent in the air. :)

A very satisfied customer of Supply!



Had a little trouble at first trying to use it, realized that the first blade from the refill cartridge was faulty. Once I swapped blades again, it worked perfectly. Very glad I bought this.

Best shave in a long time.

I ordered my Supply shave set in March and today (15 April) I am finally giving it a go. After watching the 'getting started' video and the supplemental videos as well, I was ready. The razor seriously does all the work. It took no time to find the angle to hold. Didn't get the best lather on this go, but definitely will achieve after a few more sessions. I have used the same Mach 3 Turbo since they came out around 2003 and probably using the cartridges well past their shelf life due to high refill cost. This is absolutely the best shave I have had in a long time.

Thanks for the Awesome Product. Hooked on straight edge shaving.

Single edgev

Been shaving for over 45 yrs you name it I’ve used it straight single edge double edge multi blades tried them all this is the nicest razor I’ve owned in yrs
(And no you can’t have it back )
If you get the chance take it trust me just don’t press too hard

Smells lovely

I have purchased all 3 scents and they are all wonderful. Best post shave I have used, just wish the spray bottles were bigger so i don't have to keep getting a replacement often. Still love love love it!!!

Straight-up Best Blades

I've only just now needed to get a new pack of blades, but I still get floored by the way the packaging and the blades work.

Nevermind that I recently figured out that I could place the old blades in the back of the cartridge.

It's super neat and tidy, and self-contained. I love these blades, even if I don't use them for a while.

Shave cream, Sierra Ridge

Good product, hasn't dried out my skin and leaves it soft and clean feeling. It only takes a very small dab to build a nice lather on my face with a brush. Shaves well.

Wonderful Marble Shave Bowl

This is a genuine marble shave bowl that retains heat all through the shave. You can nuke warm water for 40 seconds to increase the heat level without destroying lather. Just like an old fashion barber shave.

Incredible Design and Highly Functional

This razor looks and acts the part. It's sleek and modern, but it wipes away hair in no time. I've noticed quite a bit less razor burn compared with the 5-6 blade razors, and these blades are much cheaper. Glad I bought it.

10/10 best shave

Amazing razor, will never go back!

Blades are great

The blades are quite affordable and provide a good clean shave without irritation and cuts. I'll order them again from the for sure.

Single Edge Bliss

Started with a single edge razor back in the early 60s and this is best I have ever used. Smooth as silk and a very close shave without the slightest irritation. Build quality is fantastic.


Hey Patrick
Takes a few shaves to get the hang of it but the Supply Razor provides awesome smooth shaves. Let Gravity guide the razor (do not use pressure) and you will be rewarded with a very Fine Shave. I find with my regular D.E Razor I need to do a 3 Pass Shave to get a smooth shave but the Supply does the work in 2 passes with the Classic Setting ( and the 2nd pass is very light to get a BBS ).

Overall very pleased with the Supply Razor's Performance and highly recommend it !

Really love the stuff

I only use my straight edge razor on the weekends when I have the time to enjoy the routine. It's line stepping back in time to stand in my Dad's and Grandfather's shoes though have to admit that they'd be a bit jealous of the weight and quality of my razor. With that being said, I use the Post Shave EVERY TIME I shave. I really really love this stuff. Great (but not over powering) scents. Feels good going on. Keep up the good work SUPPLY!

Good shaving cream

I first ordered one jar of Arenella Coast Shaving Cream and found it so good that I bought a stock of three more to last for a couple of years!


The shave cream is super moisturizing which lets the blade do it’s work without causing irritation. The brush is one of the best I’ve used, it lathers well and cleans up easy. Finally the aftershave, it smells great and does the job when it come to healing and refreshing your face after an amazing shave.

Bath Essentials

Awesome scents; great product. Recommended 100%.

Most comfortable shave of all time

Absolutely no irritation or cuts.

Great post-shave to have and use

Really like ingredients and smell of these post-shaves. I spray them in my hands and pat my face after a shave. I feel like it does help my face after a shave.

Great razor

Great razor. Only catch is you have to get the right setting to get the right shave. Also, look at the scratch on mine out of the box. Kind of annoying after dishing 80 bucks.


I've tried many high end DE razors. Gave up eventually as I just was not getting the comfortable shaves promised. I even tried a single edge, but wasn't liking that either. Until this one. I don't know what allured me to this razor, perhaps it is the exquisite design, or gorgeous finish options. Either way, I went for it. Boy, am I glad I did. This razor is GORGEOUS. But ok, big deal, how does it shave? Well, I did lots of research and watched some reviews that raved about it, so I was hoping it would just as good for me. I have to say it is amazing. So effortless, clean close shaves. Even against the grain, which was always a no go for me. With this one, I get no irritation at all. Against the grain I would look like I was in the meat grinder, but with this razor, hardly a nick! I couldn't believe it! Some pimples become casualties but that's not really the razor's fault.
I am extremely happy with this razor and its a keeper. I shaved my head with it as well and that was quick and effortless. Just love it. Love holding and looking at it.
Customer service is TOP NOTCH as well! Patrick was a sweetheart in helping me with an issue I thought I was having but I think now it was more my inexperience with this type of razor. Either way, he was a gentleman about making happy. Well he sure did, by making this razor! Great job!

Supply Single Edge Razor

If you have a sensitive face (and even if you don't) then this is the razor for you. It took me just a couple of shaves to find the angel and the pressure required to give me a most perfect shave. It's smooth and easy to use. The injector blades seem to last forever and they are as smooth as silk. Not quite BBS for me but with my sensitive face, just smooth is good enough.
Thank you Patrick for a truly remarkable and wonderful product.
Dick Hirsch
Porter Ranch, California

Get Supply replacement screws in Black

Let’s be honest, replacement screws are replacement screws. The are black and the springs work as designed... What is worth noting is the excellent customer service I have always received from Patrick and company. Patrick has always responded promptly, respectfully and is proud of the razor, it shows. I’m happy to have one of his razors and I’m happy to do business with him. Thank you for doing what you do.

Life changing

I’ve searched for years for the ideal shaving tool. I have an extremely dense and coarse beard, but sensitive skin. I’ve tried every product and razor under the sun. After a quick learning curve, the Supply Razor has become the only razor I’ll ever use again. The shave is extremely close without irritation. I grown hairs used to be a daily occurrence, and I can’t remember the last time I had one since switching to Supply. I love the ability to adjust the closeness of the shave with the different heads. Allows for that flawless special event shave, but also a comfortable daily shave without having to own multiple razors. Great product, great customer service, I’m a customer for life!


I thought this lathered well and a little goes a long way. I got a great shave. the scent was great. Will purchase again.

As advertised

Terrific product and packaging. Razor removes hair with minimal effort, doesn’t clog, cleans easy. Loading razors will take getting used to but it does prevent you from touching razor.

I'm really enjoying this razor

If you are willing to take time to get to know this razor, you won't be disappointed. Close as a straight razor without the nicks. I'm getting less irritation on my neck and nice close shaves. This shaves at the skin not below so there is less drag. It's not trying to pull the hair up and cut it off. Feels heavy at first but, let the weight of the handle apply the pressure. For the loose skin on my neck I just pull it taught and there are no nicks. All in all this is my last razor. I'm glad I purchased it.

Back to a single blade but with style

I started shaving with a single blade a few years back but eventually it just started becoming something took more time to do than I had at the time of getting ready and stuff. This razor here though, let's you shave as quick as any other razor just lather up and shave. But reduces those ingrown hairs and itch.

The mild setting is the one for me!

The classic shave setting was ok but since I shave everyday it was a little harsh. That’s when I swapped to the mild setting it still gave me BBS and it left my face feeling refreshed. I love this razor I now look forward to shaving everyday.

What A Razor!!

First thing I’ve had to train myself not to use this razor like a cartridge didn’t take long. I’ve been using the mild shave setting since I’m a daily shaver with sensitive skin and man does this razor work wonders. If this is your first time using a SE razor slow down enjoy your shave and take your time. I promise the results are simply amazing the razor bumps that I was getting in my neck area are gone what more could I ask for. Thanks Supply for supplying a fabulous razor that meets so many people’s expectations.


The bowl works great. The craftsmanship is awesome.

Great product, high quality

Durable, well-made pieces.

Spray No More

The smell and soothing effect are better than I anticipated. The spray bottle was a disappointment. I’ll keep ordering this product, but every time wish it were a simple liquid shaker or pump.

Two Thumbs Up!

No better way to protect your investment in your razor! It's constructed of quality leather, heavy-duty stitching, and a durable zipper. This thing is built to last. I'm glad that I picked one up for my razor. Don't have to worry about it getting dinged up while traveling.

Really high quality marble

Much higher quality than I even expected. They are nice and heavy and really well made, unbelievable price! Worth the wait of shipping!

Best price I could find.

The supply razor is the best I have used and they have the best price on replacement blades.

Beautiful Razor

This review is specifically for the Matte Black razor. I love this razor. First I think its design is beautiful. The black matte color adds an element of coolness to the design. I even think it gives a better shave than the Classic Matte, but I do recognize that is all in my imagination. The shave is smooth and close. After three passes I don't have to shave for at least two days. While the razor is on the heavy side, the weight is perfectly balanced. I do, nevertheless, prefer a heavy razor which allows the head to do the work less effortlessly. I find for my beard the Classic head setting is aggressive enough for a baby butt smooth shave. I also appreciate that I can modify the aggressiveness simply by switching heads. It would help, however, if the indicator dots of the head aggressiveness were on the outside so that I know which head I have on without having to either open the box or razor. What's more this Supply Injector Razor is a great bargain. For less than a $100 you have a stainless steel razor that will last for generations. This beautiful razor is an excellent investment.

Single edge travel case.

I’m very happy with the quality and functionality of this case. Fits perfectly and is top quality leather. As always, Supply’s customer service is the best. Thank you.

In my 42 years of shaving never have I had this kind of shaving experience before!

THIS RAZOR IS POSSESSED WITH MAGICAL POWERS! I kid you not! In all my 42 years of shaving never have I had this kind of shaving experience before. I find shaving a meditative practice and look forward to it. Most of my life I've preferred the Schick Injector system and over the years started collecting antique shaving gear from turn-of-the-century Gillette razor handles to mugs, brushes, antique cologne bottles and everything in between. And I've used every one of the antique razors at one time or another. But YOUR razor... YOUR RAZOR! An engineering marvel, I kid you not. Your design is a gift. Normally, I shave so close that I only need to shave every three days and when I do shave I use a mug, brush and shave in the tub (like in the Wild West days). But the real test is when I run my fingers in every direction on every angle of my face and I feel absolutely no stubble. Anywhere. Oh, and imagine my surprise when I slapped on cologne and didn't howl in agony! Hence, your razor is possessed with magical powers. I just may buy a second one for the hell of it. Maybe I'll put in under my pillow at night and have sweet dreams! I cannot extol the virtues of your product enough. Truly, thank you for an amazing product.

Needs to be deeper

The bowl is great but it needs to be deeper so you can get a good lather built up. It is a bit to shallow of a bowl.

Good stuff but....

Love the smell the witch hazel makes the face nice and calm after the shave but.... I wish instead of a spray bottle it just had a regulator on it so you can splash on face instead.

Just OK....

Tallow based soaps are a bit of a different animal. They require the perfect combo of water in order to get the right lather. The soap itself is a bit on the dryer side compared to say a glycerin based cream. The smell was great though but for 22 bucks Taylor of old bond is way better.


This brush is horrible. It doesn't allow a circular motion to shave with. If you are a paint on lather kinda guy its good other wise no. You loose a ton of bristles as well during your shave. I have a Fine brand synthetic brush for 20 bucks and it blows this thing away. I also normally use a Simpson super badger with a 22mm knot and its superb.

Good Shave Can't beat the price for value

First time using something other than a cartridge razor. Though this razor takes me more time to use I find the process more enjoyable. I have a couple of nicks due to being too impatient on the first use but have gotten the hang of using this product by the third use. I bought the starter pack with the extra shave setting i.e mild and aggressive. Found the mild setting does not quite give extra close shave unless shaving against the grain which agitates my skin on my neck though not my scalp. Though I may sound like i'm dissing this product the second pass and so forth at different angles does the job. I feel this is a wonderful product and have enjoyed using it immensely. For those who shave their heads, this will do the job quite nicely you just have to pay attention to the angle which is not hard the balance is incredible and the head is built in such a way that you will naturally find the correct angle with minimal effort. Overall great product and would buy again. Oh and would recommend buying Supply marble shaving bowl it helps a lot with their shaving soap. Like brushing away the hair lol.

New to it, and happy.

It’s been just over two weeks since I started using this razor. I’ve been using an electric shaver for the last 6+ years and it’s taken my skin this two weeks to adjust. Now, my technique has improved as well as I progressed. I’d say the most difficult thing is not pressing the razor down and letting the razor do the work along with getting the correct angle down.
I’m also new to natural shaving cream and brush. This being a natural brush and watching many videos I’ve found that soaking the brush in warm water while I shower has helped. I’m unsure as to the fat content of Supply’s shaving cream but due to me having harder water it takes about an extra minute to get the cream to a good foam.
Over all I’m very happy with this razor. I’ll likely order the other razor heads do to me having a few “hard as wire” locations. But even with those two passes gets it pretty smooth and on those “date” nights the third pass gets a better approval from the Miss’. The natural post oil has helped my skin as well and I’ve had little to no breakouts like I’ve had in the past when using the electric shaver.
Just do your homework and watch those videos to better your technique with all the tools and care for your face. It’s you’re only one you got.