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I bought the black single edge with the stand

Very slick looking. When I first received the razor, there was definitely a steep learning curve, as I frequently had multiple nicks and cuts. However, now that I've had it for well over 6 months, I do appreciate the clean shave I get. I was trepidatious to continue using the razor, but I'm glad I stuck with it. Now it's my go to. It's a bit expensive at first, but then you save lots of money by not having to buy the cartridges.

Stylish and not irritating

The razor is a real beauty. It glides well over the skin without causing irritation. Also it's easy too clean, because there is only one blade. It's not the closest shave I've experienced, but the most relaxing.

Perfect machine

It is a great machine, you have to instruct yourself with the manuals and practice but when you get used to shaving it is incredible.

Works as Promised

The razor works incredibly well! I now experience very little to no skin irritation. It does take a little getting used to, but once you get the angle right and take short strokes, it works perfectly! Very happy with my purchase.

Great Addition

A wonderful case that finishes up my Supply collection. Much better for sake of travel and fits the razor perfectly! Would definitely recommend.

Complements the razor very well

This is the perfect complement to the Single Edge Razor. I was previously using a generic stand off of Amazon and it would wobble but after buying this stand, it just sits stably and looks nice on the bathroom counter. The drainage channel is also very handy.

Razor Stand

Just as it says! Razor stands at the ready for the next shave....It's a lovely clean design.

Excellent shave!

Love my new Supply 2.0 SE! Best shave ever!! Been wet shaving for a long time; never with a SE till now! Gotta say, I'm not going back to double edge. Waiting till the matte black SE is back in stock; it will be my next purchase!! Love this razor!

All class

They're isn't a classier or better value for an all marble bathroom grooming set. I'm really enjoying all the accessories. The high quality and weight of the items made this the last and only razor accessories I'd ever need.All this and wifey approved!

Another awesome Supply Product

I always thought to myself once I purchased the razor that I wish it was easier to store with my current holder. Then one day I see this posted on Facebook. This company never stops amazing me. Love the razor stand, love everything from them.
Thanks again!

Single Edge Blades

The Single Edge Injector razor blades provide a smooth, comfortable shave when used with the Supply Single Edge razor. The "No Touch Blade Change" is the safest, most efficient design in the industry. These very economical, durable blades provide me at least 10 great shaves per blade. I highly recommend these razor blades.

Very nice match

Pretty happy with my new razor stand. Looks good and works well. Not too big, but very stable.

Single Edge Razor Stand

Perfect fit, takes up no room on the sink, excellent. Thanks.

The only reason not 5 star is the usps, they marked delivered wen it was not, I went myself to their office to resolve the issue, perhaps just a lazy mailman

Hey Deodoro! Thanks for letting us know. We're so sorry that happened with USPS, but we're thrilled to hear you're loving your new razor!
Happy I bought it!

I love the marble bowl. It really keeps the shaving cream warm. Happy I bought it

sturdy stand compliments the razor

I own several of Supply's Single Edge razor in different finishes. I purchased one matte black stand and one classic finish stand and both colors really compliment the razor... regardless of color. Of the two colors offered, if I had to pick one, I would go with the classic finish vs. the matte black finish... even if you own a black razor. The contrasting colors look good. The razor stand is very sturdy, holds the Single Edge securely, and compliments the razor. Great job!


I worried that any sort of stand would harm the finish on my polished razors. This stand appears to be harmless :) in that regard. It's weight is impressive and it is truly handsome. Now we need polished versions, both stainless and black. I hope sales support my wish.

Nice addition

Nice addition to hold a really good razor. Highly recommend.

The Great Razor Stand

This stand was the missing piece in making an already shaving system even better. It keeps
your favorite RAZOR ready to go at moments notice.

Solid product

I just received the stand. It's as solid as the razor. I've only shaved a few times with the razor and im learning more each time. It does a great job for me. Solid and easy to clean. Now with the addition of the stand my razor is kept clean and organized. Thank you for a great product. Robert.

The shave

The shaving cream, brush, and stand are great. The shave itself is not close at all. I guess the single blade is not working on my facial hair. I even changed the setting to #3 and still not close. BL

Hey Brian! Thanks for your review and letting us know about your experience. It sounds like you may be shaving with a damaged or dulled blade. I would recommend carefully swapping out a blade in the razor, making sure it doesn't drag across the blade stops on the razor. Feel free to e-mail us at We'd love to help you further!
new stand

I love the new razor stand, it conserves space on my counter and perfectly stores the razor. I have been trying different types of stands but none have matched the quality of Supply. Thanks again I would highly recommend to all users.

Had, a bad start cut up , my face. It was my fault applied pressure. I was disappointed, was not receiving a close shave. These morning, 09/14 decided to change the blade, and it was a lot better. The old blade was only used three times, and not very good.
I will use the new blade and hopefully I will get on the weight track.
Thanks Gerry

New to single blade shaving

I must admit that I was nervous trying out the single blade. I saw Supply advertised in Instagram and was intrigued. I am sick of the high priced replacement blades for the popular multiblade razors and was on my last blade. I decided to invest in Supply after looking at double blade and other single blade companies. I like the fact that it is (was?) a small business and the products seemed of good quality. I am still experimenting. I haven't yet mastered the close shave I am used to, but I am not nicking myself as much! I love the fact that these are natural ingredients as I am used to using Aveda products. I look forward to shaving now even though I am still not used to the blade. I will need to watch the videos again...
Thanks for this excellent product!

Straight razor set

Great solid razor. Looking forward to years of use. Thx again Supply