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"I'm getting effortlessly wonderful shaves with this razor... wonderful, irritation free shaves right from the first few days. An amazing razor!"

Brian, via Badger & Blade

"I was able to get a better shave using The Single Edge razor than with multiblade disposables, with no cuts to face or head, my first try."

Joshua Johnson, via Kickstarter

" Love love love my Single Edge razor on the #2 base plate. Best shaves of my life!!!"

Christopher, via  Facebook

"It's so good, I really don't want to shave with anything else."

Bill, via Instagram

" Most importantly for me, I have finally found a solution to the ingrown hairs that have plagued me for the last decade."

Andrew Wilson, via Kickstarter

" The Supply [razor] was perfect, my other razors are just going to collect dust."

ob1page, via The Shave Den

" The Supply [razor] with the 3 dot head is as close to perfection as I've found."

ob1page, via Reddit

" Third shave with my Single Edge and it was a dream. I do not think I will have to buy another razor in my lifetime. Well done gentlemen!"

Tim Walsh, via Kickstarter

" As for the construction it feels extremely nice in the hand. I worried about grip, but I had zero issues and it felt secure the whole time."

@mpape78, via  Instagram

"...the Supply SE provides a close, comfortable shave every time for me."

Cyjazz, via Badger & Blade

"Easy flow-through for shaving cream and cut hair. Did not need to be rinsed often, and when it did it rinsed quickly and completely."

Jonathan, via Kickstarter

" By far, the best Kickstarter Experience I've had to date. You delivered on everything, and more, that you promised."

Clinton, via  Kickstarter

"I used my Supply again this morning and was again astounded at how close it shaves, with no blade feel whatsoever."

pbrmhl, via Badger & Blade

" Just received my shave kit. Quite possibly the greatest shave of all time."

@Greg493, via  Twitter

" Totally sold on the shave from my new @getsupply razor. The standard setting is not aggressive at all & the shave is quite comfy."

@gerbick, via  Twitter

"I can't even feel the blade on my face.... but I got a really nice, close shave."

Scott, via Badger & Blade

" @getsupply Tried my new razor by shaving my head. Very close and no irritation. A solid and very well made razor! Thx for a great shave!"

Mark, via  Twitter

" Great razor, one of the best I own!"

Jose, via  Twitter

" One word after first shave: comfortable..."

Randy, via  Twitter

" I've really been enjoying The Single Edge razor! After a short learning curve, I'm getting my most consistent, close shaves ever. I now actually look forward to shaving!"

Eddie, via  Kickstarter

" What's not to like about a well-run Kickstarter project which came in on time and delivered a superb product? This is now one of my favourite razors, and there's nothing I don't like about it. The Single Edge is a winner."

Old Hopeful, via  Kickstarter

" Like many precision instruments it's really difficult to tell the quality of this razor until it's actually in your hand. But then you can see and feel the quality workmanship and the functional elegance of this tool you will use day in and day out. This Kickstarter has been great and you have delivered a fantastic product in a timely manner. I'm glad I didn't miss this one."

John, via  Kickstarter

" It's so smooth!"

@AESodbuster, via  Twitter

" The finish is great and it feels spectacular in the hand. I popped in one of the blades that came with it and both shaves I have had with it were spectacular. So spectacular that I felt the impulse to throw all of my other razors (save my bronze ATT Atlas set) on the bazaar."

malburj1, via  Reddit

"Wow! I didn't feel it was taking anything off... I am absolutely amazed at how efficient it is."

Steve, via  YouTube

" Let me just tell you - I find it effortless to shave... It's giving me an extremely close shave - very happy with it. Wow!"

Donald, via  YouTube

" What a great morning shave! Thanks  @ getsupply"

Kevin, via  Twitter

" A very impressive, first shave with the Single Edge razor by  @ getsupply  this morning. Really looking forward to more"

Richard, via  Twitter

"I 've used maybe 50 razors of different kinds over the years, but yours is in my top two or three. Almost effortlessly smooth shaves."

Brian, via  Facebook

"... honestly it was the smoothest shaving razor I have used in several years, no scrapes or nicks at all."

Jeff, via  Badger & Blade

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Want to know when the next version is coming?

Classic vs. Custom: What's the difference?

Every man is unique, and so is his beard. That's why we've created a razor that is adjustable to match  your unique shaving needs. The Custom Single Edge razor ships with three different shave settings that can be changed out in seconds: Sensitive, Classic, and Aggressive.

The Custom Single Edge

Think of it like the electric clippers at your barber shop - change the blade setting, and change how close you cut. Need an extra close shave today? Just use our aggressive setting - it allows you to mow down the thickest beard with ease. Just a trim? Use our sensitive setting. Once you shave with our customizable razor, you'll wonder why you ever did it any other way.

Not a custom type of guy? No worries! Just order the Classic Single Edge, which includes the classic shave setting. It's our most popular setting, and gives a fantastic shave with zero irritation.