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"I’m now 6 shaves in to the Single Edge and my shaving life has changed. The decades old neck irritation and ingrown hairs are almost completely gone. My shave is as close as it’s ever been, plus zero nicks or cuts. Perhaps best of all is that the experience of shaving is now a small event. I don’t rush - in fact I can lather the shave cream 3 times in my lather bowl from a single application. What used to be a 3 min frantic sprint is now ten ‘stolen’ minutes to be with myself. I literally could not give a more enthusiastic endorsement of this razor. No one past 100 mins’ experience is ever going to shave with anything else. 



"As a 7-year traditional shaver, I have used 6 different DE and single edge razors. After shaving 5 times with the Single Edge Razor, the result was an incredibly close shaving result. I used the classic setting with the first 4 shaves, and then used the aggressive setting with my 5th shave, which resulted in an even closer shave. I love using the Single Edge because it is so easy to shave with. I am not sure whether the design of the razor, the thickness of the single blade or the ideal weight makes this an extremely easy-to-use and incredibly effective razor. Thanks a million for your innovative razor that I plan to treasure!!!"


The Single Edge

The Single Edge

Starter Set


"Elegant and razor burn free."


"I got the closest, most comfortable shave ever and didn't get a single razor bump."

"The single blade razor that's a cut above."

"The Single Edge razor will add some life into your morning ritual."

"Just received my shave kit.

Quite possibly the best shave I've ever had."

- @Greg493 via Twitter

The Single Edge 2.0The Single Edge 2.0
$ 79



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Supply Nails It

Great shave .... exquisite accessories .... fun and useful mechanics regarding the various adjustments ... look forward to the precision shave every morning ... affects my whole tendency towards ‘sweating the details’ with respect to life in a very positive way !!

Hands down best shave

I’m 35 years old and have been shaving since I was 15 I’ve tried all of the cartridge style razors you can think of and a few electric razors and neither come close to the experience I’ve had so far with the supply razor. I got the starter kit with everything in it and I tell you it is the best shave I’ve ever had to date. I honestly wish I found this company sooner. If you are hesitating on buying this don’t be it’s well worth the money and the craftsmanship of the razor will definitely last a few lifetimes not just 100 years. I think the best part is having the owner of the company stay so involved in customer satisfaction it means a lot knowing someone cares so much about their products that they actually want to know how you like it and is it working properly for you and so on. So hands down I would buy this product again if needed to

Meets Specs.

Very seldom in these days do products actually deliver what they advertise. Supply meets all the expectations I read about. I am very pleased and look forward to using all the items I purchased.

Ultimate Travel Case

This is the best small size travel pocket case. Add a Simpson Wee Scott badger brush and some aftershave or cologne and your good to go

Brush, Shaving Cream, Post Shave Healer - Great Products

Just received the Saving Accessories Kit. The Synthetic Brush is really good. I've always used a badger brush, but previously tried an inexpensive synthetic one that did not work well. Since everything else from Supply was great, I tried their brush. See my picture - it looks great and it works as well or better than my go-to badger brush. So, get the Supply brush. I also love the Healing Post Shave. I had previously ordered the Ultra Lather Shave Cream. Since I loved the shave it provides, I went ahead and ordered the 3-product kit. I knew I would eventually need more shave cream and ordering in the set saved me a few bucks. As you can see from my picture, I am all in for Supply products. I am confident in their people, products, and service and will not hesitate to buy any new products from them. With a razor guaranteed for 100 years and great accessories, I am a lifetime very satisfied user.

Exceeded expectations

I wanted to add this razor to my collection. Before ordering I had some questions so I pm’d the owner and no more than 12 hrs later had a response. My favorite razor is a Japanese straight razor .....until I got this razor. First off this thing has got some heft to it. Upon opening the box the packaging reminds me of an iPhone box packaging. The razor has great style and a quality feel to it. Trying to slide the new blade in is a bit tricky but it’s doable. The first shave you will have a small learning curve. Like other reviews, you don’t need much pressure! It feels effortless, no drag. It’s hard to explain but it just glides and cuts nicely. While it’s not as close as my straight razor it’s not far off and I haven’t cut myself with it yet. I bought the stand which is a perfect accompaniment to the razor. Looks sweet.
Cons: If you can call it that. It’s made of aluminum, aluminum conducts heat well and this razor dipped in my shaving water (which is hot ) caught me off guard with how much heat it retained. Due to the heft of the head I haven’t figured out how to get the clean lines on my beard like I’ve done with my straight razor. I’m sure it will come with a bit of practice. Overalls this thing is sooo sweet, I love it! Going to try some of the other products and probably going to order one for my brother and dad. Thank you for a great product and service. Craig

Warehouse razor

I, like many others, had a difficult time discerning why the razor I ordered was listed in the “warehouse sale” section. After about 30 seconds of VERY CLOSE scrutiny, I was able to locate some very minor blemishes on the underside of the razor. This was the second supply razor I ordered, and since it’s being kept in my travel bag, I really didn’t care what it looked like, just how it worked. That said, after receiving and looking it over, I’m probably going to keep this one on my bathroom counter in the razor stand and use my “perfect” one for my travel, since the stand is matte finished like my “warehouse” razor and my “perfect” razor is shiny. 10/10 would recommend.

WOW! Great Razor

I have over 40 DE Razors many of which are excellent shavers. However, none shave better that this razor. Build quality is fantastic, performance excellent, price point spot on. I can get 10 Shaves out of 1 Blade using the three dot plate. Who could ask for more

Best shave I ever had.

I used to think for many years that the 5 blade, pivoting, battery powered razor from Gillette was the best until I looked into double edge safety razors, I tried that for a day and it was the best shave I ever had and it didn't require batteries or multiple blades which surprised me. I still had a clean shaven face and surprisingly close if not closer than the multiple blade razor without any of the razor burn or ingrown hairs which is nice. I liked the way my skin felt after. I still had some weepers but it didn't hurt like the ones I got with the multi blade razors.

After using the double edge for a couple days I wanted something easier to handle with a longer handle and just one blade that looked like a cartridge razor I had been using for years that I would be more comfortable using since it would feel more natural and I wouldn't have to worry about the other edge of the blade hitting me on accident while shaving in different angles.

I tried the Supply razor for one day left my face unshaven for 3 days and I was so surprised that I could shave my face without having to trim it first like I normally do with my electric razor before I shave with the multi blade one. It didn't clog the blade and it was a lot easier to clean after. I had a lot of nicks and weepers but it was my first time learning the technique and I will switch the blade and try that next to see if it helps. But it didn't sting as bad as it normally did after and my skin never felt better. I'm new to wet shaving so hopefully once I get the brush and actual shaving cream it will be even better than before. Now the only thing left to wonder is what I'm going to do with an electric razor I don't need. I also love how cheap the blades are compared to the multi blade cartridges and electric razor heads. I love the injector blades since it's easier than touching the double edge ones which was a little uneasy since they are so flimsy. I like the used blade storage compartment built in. Great job.

Marble Set = Awesomeness

I rarely write reviews for anything, however, I was so impressed by the marble set that I thought I'd write a quick note. It is a unique set - it will definitely take your bathroom or shave gear to another level. Each piece must be cut individually which is a good thing! There is significant heft and each piece will probably be slightly unique. The texture in the bottom of the bowl allows for quickly whipping up an awesome lather. Give them a try and you won't be disappointed.

go cancel your dollar shave club subscription right now.

I'm not very experienced when it comes to good quality razors. I'm used to getting cheap throwaways. I was tired of having to deal with that inconvenience in my life so with a little bit of research I found supply. I didn't hesitate to spend the $100. I look at it as a good investment. How does it shave you ask? Well to sum it up, after my first shave I was so stoked I told my brothers they gotta try it out for themselves. (I'm not the type to share my personal items with). Not gonna lie I did cut myself a few times in the beginning, but that's when you know its a good ass razor! and also I suck at shaving lol. I'm interested in looking into the different shave settings they offer. I might need to get the one for the less hair growth and sensitive skin. Anyways, if you got this far into my review then you must be really interested in this razor so just man up and go spend that chump change for that better convenience in your life.

Perfect for men with beard

This razor gets the stray hair around the beard out of the way efficiently - and in a much cooler fashion than the over engineered other wet razors.

So Cool!

I received my marble tray today and I was surprised at the size! It is much bigger than I was expecting. I now have my marble Bowl sitting on my marble tray and they make a beautiful combination! I don't know who thought of the white marble idea, but these are items that will last many lifetimes! Thanks Supply for never disappointing!

Sharp, accurate... substantial. High-end.

Clean design... very easy and smooth to use... Just a few nicks (unlearning bad shaving habits), but awesome shave overall! I only get 4-6 shaves before dulling blade (fyi).

A different experience!!

To start I’ve like to explain that I use to shave with a double edge safety razor “Edwin Jagger” since late 2013 and after almost 5 years the machine broke by an accidental drop and I decided to buy a new shaving machine.

I like to start with the build quality of this razor, one word, solid! It’s weight due to the built quality makes it perfect for saving without applying pressure. The jet black polished surface is a mirror cleaning it is easy and so far don’t see any scratches. Let’s just say, you can see that the designer use to build fighter jets, the razor is a beauty.

How sharp you ask, well let’s just say it’s as close as you can get to a barbers straight razor but a lot safer. I wouldn’t call it easy specially if you are coming from a double edge razor or a disposable, you can cut yourself if not careful. I must say the design of the razor makes you think the blade is not sharp and it’s because the blade doesn’t cut edge to edge due to a blade protector on each corner. Even if you have the right angle when you do one pass you will see the shaving cream been remove and a bit Of hair will be left on each side and the center will be a beautiful shave, but don’t let that confuse you just give it a secod go on does sides and don’t dare dare to put more pressure or you will cut yourself. With that said once you are done shaving you feel that you have a very close shave and as a few days pass the hair comes back and there is 0 irritation 0 ingrown hair, that is a new experience for me and worth all the money.

All in all it’s been a great experience, makes me happy to have the most beautify single edge razor in the world design by a fighter jet maker. My shipment was late and the support by the owner was great and I got a discount for my patients.

Shaving is now my guilty pleasure

After I took the time to learn how to properly shave with this single edge blade, this is by far the best razor I've ever had. In fact, I actually look forward to shaving in the morning. Perhaps it's the ritual with whipping up the lather or it's the care I'm taking using the blade, but shaving is fun. I definitely had to relearn how to shave with this thing. If you're coming from disposable razors like I was, do yourself a favor and use the help provided on this site. This is a serious razor. It's a leave your face a bloody mess when used like a disposable razor kind of serious razor. Don't use this like a disposable razor. I also recommend the custom settings so you can specify just how close of a shave you want. You may also want to invest in a marble bowl to make lathering easier and fun.

Great Shaving Bowl

for the first time, I purchased this item through Amazon in August.
However, unfortunately, I received the broken one.
I left the message in Amazon and Supply ordered it through their online store!
Yesterday, I finally got this and totally satisfied with!

Reasonable weight and fit to my palm for lathering accordingly.
I had been trying to find the matte type ceramic bowl for my shaving and this is it!

I can highly recommend for you to use this to lather for your shaving!

Great Quality products with so kind service.

I took a photo of Supply goods I've purchased.
Except for the stand, all the products were made by Supply. (I didn't know that Supply produces stand and found it just today)

Enjoy shaving with Supply!

Neat design and solid quality

Love this design and build quality

A review from a China user

Thanks Patrick, thanks Jennifer! You made great efforts to bring the world best gear to me. I am very very sastisfied with the amazing razor I bought but it would be more perfect if you can provide some material options such as 18/10 stainless steel or titanium in next generation. For now, I will definitely recommend this razor to all people I know.


Hey Patrick
Takes a few shaves to get the hang of it but the Supply Razor provides awesome smooth shaves. Let Gravity guide the razor (do not use pressure) and you will be rewarded with a very Fine Shave. I find with my regular D.E Razor I need to do a 3 Pass Shave to get a smooth shave but the Supply does the work in 2 passes with the Classic Setting ( and the 2nd pass is very light to get a BBS ).

Overall very pleased with the Supply Razor's Performance and highly recommend it !

Very intuitive razor

They say to give it a few tries before you make a judgement on this razor. I didn't have to do that. My first shave was amazing and easy to get right. I would suggest looking up a tutorial online to help you out, but this is a great razor. Mild, but effective.

Travel case

This travel case is great and it will hold my razor and also carry my injector blade's as well a lot easier to have this in my travel bag than storing the box

Enjoying my shave

It's the best razor I've used till now and I enjoy shaving with it. It doesn't feel like shaving at all, it feels like I'm using a butter knife for shaving, it's that smooth and it feels good in my hand. I like to keep my face clean shaven, but used to dread shaving as it led to irritated skin and razor burn, but I actually look forward getting rid of my stubble every couple of days. The only thing that I found a bit disappointing was that there was a dent on the razor when I received it and I'm a little concerned that it might lead to formation of rust as it's not covered by the polish. The dent is on the inside, at the bottom. I've attached a photo. It's a small one but it is there.

First impression

Acquired a V1.0 Supply with the 3 inserts (Sensitive - Classic - Aggressive) and had my first shave with the Classic insert.
It felt (very) OK - a little bit more effective/aggressive than the Schick injectors (I1, L1, O copy) that I own.
Will find out soon how it shaves with the Sensitive and Aggressive inserts .... ;-)

Excellent, revolutionary shave!

I have been using the Single Edge for nearly 3 weeks now and I must say I am very happy with it. It took me 2 shaves to get used to the feel, pressure required, desired closeness of shave, etc. But once that part is done, its a breeze to use. The blades are also lasting well, the first one was good for 11 days of use and I am on my 2nd one now. All in all, I am very satisfied with the product, its finish and performance - absolutely top class!!