Custom Shave Settings

Custom Shave Settings

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You're unique, and your razor should be too. Customize the closeness of your shave with the Custom Shave Settings for your Single Edge razor - they're the perfect upgrade to your shaving experience. Think of it like the clippers at your barbershop - change the setting to change how close you shave.

The Custom Shave Settings come with the Sensitive and Aggressive shave settings to complement the Classic setting that ships with every razor. Changing settings is easy with the included thumb screw that ships with every razor.

Multi-blade razors are a"one-size-fits-all" approach to shaving. But your skin and preferences are unique, so your razor should be too. That's why you can customize your shave with the Single Edge and it's three proprietary shave settings. Think of it like the clippers at your barbershop - change the setting to change how close you shave.


• Solid stainless steel, built to last a lifetime

• Quickly change settings with the thumb screw included with the Single Edge razor

• Includes both the "Sensitive" and "Aggressive" settings

• Designed to shave at the surface of the skin, eliminating ingrown hairs and irritation

• Perfectly matches your Single Edge Razor

• The easiest way to shave with a single blade

In The Box

• One Sensitive Shave Setting

• One Aggressive Shave Setting


Uncompromising in quality

From solid stainless steel construction to ultra-sharp American-made blades and the highest quality natural ingredients, we've spared no expense in developing the best shaving experience possible.

Meets your unique needs

You're unique, and your razor should be too. That's why you can customize your shave with the Single Edge and three customizable shave settings. Change the setting to change how close you cut.

Solid Stainless Steel Construction

The Single Edge is engineered from 100% solid stainless steel. Which means it won't rust, won't break, and carries a lifetime guarantee to back it up. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

+ How many blades are included?

Each razor ships with a pack of 20 stainless steel American-made blades. They'll last 5-6 months of daily shaving.

+ Is The Single Edge hard to shave with?

Learning how to shave with the Single Edge is simple. It typically takes 3-5 shaves to perfect your technique, and we include plenty of getting started resources to help you get up and running. Plus, we love helping via email or Skype.

+ What kind of blades do I need to use?

The Single edge accepts standard "injector" style blades. These blades have been in production for 100 years and can be easily purchased on our website,, and more. Every razor includes 20 blades to get you started.

+ What if I don't like the razor after trying it?

No sweat, cowboy. We offer a 100-day trial for all of our products. If at any time you decide that you're not 100% satisfied with them, just shoot us an email and we'll send you a free shipping label to send it back. No hoops to jump through, no hassle. Really.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Joy in shaving again

Supply has made a great razor! The classic is all you really need for bbs shave. But the other blade guards give you more flexibility for your daily growth. Their customer service is outstanding! Thanks Patrick for bringing the joy back to the daily shave, at a price we can all enjoy!

Good razor with room for improvement

This razor gives excellent shaves with all three base plates, though it would be better if the three corresponding dots indicating blade gap were on the bottom of the plates, not the top, so that they'd be visible while shaving. On that note, I would NOT recommend this razor to anyone who prefers to change levels of aggression DURING the shave, because that is a real hassle with this one. Far better for that purpose is the Rockwell system, also some vintage adjustable razors (the Gillette Fatboy, etc.) or modern ones (the Merkur Progress or Futur). However, if this option is irrelevant to you, then the Supply razor is a great choice. It is manufactured in the U.S. by true artisans. The price point is incredible, also considering the expense of SE's like the Mongoose, the Above the Tie, or the Rocnel, which do not necessarily shave any better than the Supply razor. Of course, those are not injectors but do have a variety of great blade choices to modulate levels of aggression. Please note that none of what I'm saying is a criticism of the Supply razor, just some observations. Finally, the customer service provided by Supply Company is really superb, second to none. These people care!


When the hair is longer, the aggressive setting works better than the smoother. You can switch between the settings depending on the length of the beard. Always a great smooth shave!

Custom Shave settings

So simple yet so effective. I’m enjoying the different settings for my different needs and differing hair thickness.


i waited for these to come back into stock for some time and i’m glad the wait is over. the mild and sensitive settings are perfect for me. make a package deal and offer the three settings with travel pouch (which is the unicorn of all products). it’s worth paying more to get all the settings and travel pouch at once.