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Custom Shave Settings

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Multi-blade razors are a"one-size-fits-all" approach to shaving. But your skin and preferences are unique, so your razor should be too. Customize the closeness of your shave with the Custom Shave Settings for your Single Edge razor - they're the perfect upgrade to your shaving experience. Think of it like the clippers at your barbershop - change the setting to change how close you shave.

The Custom Shave Settings come with the Sensitive and Aggressive shave settings to complement the Classic setting that ships with every razor. Changing settings is easy with the included thumb screw that ships with every razor.


• Solid stainless steel, built to last a lifetime

• Quickly change settings with the thumb screw included with the Single Edge razor

• Includes both the "Sensitive" and "Aggressive" settings

• Designed to shave at the surface of the skin, eliminating ingrown hairs and irritation

• Perfectly matches your Single Edge Razor

• The easiest way to shave with a single blade

In The Box

• One Sensitive Shave Setting

• One Aggressive Shave Setting


Close. Comfortable. Irritation-Free.

Multi-blade razors are designed to shave below the surface of your skin, pulling hairs up and cutting them too close. This causes irritation and ingrown hairs. The Single Edge is designed to shave at the surface of your skin, providing a close, comfortable, and irritation-free shave.

Meets Your Unique Needs

Today's razors are a "one-size-fits-all" approach to shaving. But your skin and preferences are unique, so why isn't your razor? That's why you can adjust your shave with the optional customizable shave settings. Change the setting to change how close you shave. 

Engineered to Exacting Standards

Precision built using 100% solid stainless steel and manufactured to aerospace standard tolerances. The coatings applied to the black versions of the razor are typically used on Navy Seal watches and firearms. The Single Edge won't rust, won't break, and carries a lifetime guarantee to back it up. 

Ultra-sharp. Ultra-smooth.

Our injector blades are non-proprietary, American-made, and have been in production for over a century. They're twice as thick as modern razor blades, which means they shave smoother and stay sharper longer. Most customers get 10 shaves or more from a single blade.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ How many blades are included?

Each razor ships with a pack of 20 stainless steel American-made injector blades. They'll last 5-6 months of daily shaving.

+ Is The Single Edge hard to shave with?

Learning how to shave with the Single Edge is simple. It typically takes 3-5 shaves to perfect your technique, and we include plenty of getting started resources to help you get up and running. Plus, we love helping via email or Skype.

+ What kind of blades do I need to use?

The Single edge accepts standard "injector" style blades. These blades have been in production for 100 years and can be easily purchased on our website ,, and more. Every razor includes 20 blades to get you started.

+ What if I don't like the razor after trying it?

No sweat, cowboy. We offer a 100-day trial for all of our products. If at any time you decide that you're not 100% satisfied with them, just contact us and we'll send you a free shipping label to send it back. No hoops to jump through, no hassle. Really.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Great razor

Great razor. Only catch is you have to get the right setting to get the right shave. Also, look at the scratch on mine out of the box. Kind of annoying after dishing 80 bucks.

The mild setting is the one for me!

The classic shave setting was ok but since I shave everyday it was a little harsh. That’s when I swapped to the mild setting it still gave me BBS and it left my face feeling refreshed. I love this razor I now look forward to shaving everyday.

Great alternative to DE shaving

I’ve shaved with DE razors for a while now, but was looking for a travel friendly alternative (TSA doesn’t like folks carrying DE blades after all) that wasn’t a typical cartridge shaver since those just don’t stack up anymore after so many years of DE shaving. I just came back from my first trip using the Supply razor; I was very pleased with this product. The build quality, balanced weight, and single blade were easy to transition to for me. And the shave itself was great - didn’t rip my face up like the multi-blade cartridge systems do. Couldn’t recommend this highly enough for those looking for a smooth shave...and the added benefit that this is a lot more travel friendly than your typical DE shaver.

Customizable capabilities, and then some.

I just love the way you can customize the setting AND keep it that way till you change it. I’ve had many “adjustable” razors in my lifetime. Almost all of them can and have changed their settings during the shave. It is impossible while shaving with this razor.
I just counted and I have 22 different razors. All of them non disposable. Well that is until now. Except for my Father’s old safety razor, they will all be gone. I’ve found my forever razor. AND it comes in four finishes! Keep up the fantastic work!

Really good razor

This now is my favorite razor, especially after I bought the aggressive setting. The design provides a nice feeling when holding the razor, the blades are amazingly sharp and the blade-changing system is really easy to use.