Marble Shaving Bowl Marble Shaving Bowl Marble Shaving Bowl Marble Shaving Bowl
Marble Shaving Bowl
Marble Shaving Bowl

Marble Shaving Bowl

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Handcrafted from a solid block of white marble, our shave bowl is designed to make a handsome addition to any bathroom. Micro-ridges on the interior surface of the bowl whip up a soft, pillowy lather in seconds. 

Marble is a superior retainer of heat, perfect for keeping your lather warm for up to three times longer than ceramic. Just add some Ultra Lather Shaving Cream to the bowl and whip up a lather with your shaving brush.

Subtle, pale gray markings intrinsic to the stone give depth and dimension. Crafted entirely by hand and polished to a lustrous finish.


Marble has a thermal conductivity three times greater than ceramic, which means it holds a hot lather longer. Warm up your bowl by filling it with hot water and letting it soak for a minute or so while you prep for your shave.

Dimensions: 4.5" Diameter x 2" tall

In The Box

One White Marble Shaving Bowl


Customer Reviews

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Wonderful Marble Shave Bowl

This is a genuine marble shave bowl that retains heat all through the shave. You can nuke warm water for 40 seconds to increase the heat level without destroying lather. Just like an old fashion barber shave.


The bowl works great. The craftsmanship is awesome.

Needs to be deeper

The bowl is great but it needs to be deeper so you can get a good lather built up. It is a bit to shallow of a bowl.

My Favorite Shaving Bowl

This beautiful marble shaving bowl is almost perfect. I already have a ceramic bowl that I like, but I didn't feel that it held the heat that well and it felt a bit delicate. This marble shaving bowl helps whip up shaving soap into a lather quickly - it takes seconds. It holds the heat better than my ceramic bowl - I fill the bowl with hot water and let my synthetic brush soak in it, which heats the bowl nicely. The bowl fits in my hand comfortably while I lathering. It has heft to it which makes me feel more comfortable. The weight also allows me to lather with the bowl on the sink - it won't move. The one thing keeping it from being perfect is that it is white, which makes it harder to see the lather. When I start lathering my soap, it happens so quickly that I can't see the progress right off and the next thing I know the lather is overflowing. What's more the price is most reasonable for getting such a high quality bowl. This is my favorite shaving bowl by far.


Like all Supply Company products, this bowl is superb and at an absurdly low price for its quality and ability to whip up a quality lather. Its minimalist aesthetic goes beautifully with the Supply razor. It's also nice that each bowl is unique due to variations in marble, which keeps lather warm much longer than another of my favorite bowls, the Saponificio Varesino 'grail,' which is wood and much more expensive. I'm glad I got one of yours before they were sold out, at least for now.