Silvertip Synthetic Brush Silvertip Synthetic Brush Silvertip Synthetic Brush Silvertip Synthetic Brush Silvertip Synthetic Brush
Silvertip Synthetic Brush
Silvertip Synthetic Brush
Silvertip Synthetic Brush

Silvertip Synthetic Brush

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Our hand-crafted shave brush comes with our custom Silvertip Synthetic™ fibers and a polished acrylic handle. It's designed to whip up a cushiony, protective lather when paired with our Ultra Lather Shaving Cream.


• Hand Polished Acrylic Handle in Faux Ox Horn.

• Proprietary Silvertip Synthetic™ fibers.

• 24 mm Knot Diameter

• Guaranteed for 100 Years

In The Box

• One Silvertip Synthetic Shave Brush


Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews

This brush is horrible. It doesn't allow a circular motion to shave with. If you are a paint on lather kinda guy its good other wise no. You loose a ton of bristles as well during your shave. I have a Fine brand synthetic brush for 20 bucks and it blows this thing away. I also normally use a Simpson super badger with a 22mm knot and its superb.

The most comfortable lather i have ever had

The title says everything I've got to say about the brush.

Awesome Shaving Brush

I am really amazed at how well it works. You have a real winner here.Keep up the good work. You are making great products for the wet shavers community. Thanks and keep up the good work .
Albert Madison

Great Brush, Great Price

Used the brush once, now it's my favorite. I use it every day.

Fantastic Brush!

I have been traditional wet shaving for just over three years. In seeking out a better shave I have tried several brushes looking for the perfect combination of softness, density, loft and face feel. I have used badger, boar, and various synthetic brushes and I must say that the Supply silvertip synthetic brush is one of the best brushes I have come across.
First off, the packaging is extremely simple but professional.It comes in a very nice box that you slide the brush out of. On the sides of the box it tells you about the brush as well as that it comes from Texas. I've seen more expensive brushes arrive in cheap looking cardboard or simply a plastic bag.
The handle is simply beautiful to look at. The colors are very good and there is a nice shine to it. It is the first brush that I have owned that I feel really looks great sitting in my den.
The knot also looks great and from a distance one would not know it was a synthetic knot by looking at it.
Initially I was shocked at how soft the bristles were to the touch. I got it to the den and did a few test lathers and was blown away by how quickly the brush made great lathers.
I typically face lather, and I feel this is where the brush shines. While other synthetics tend be a little scratchy this brush feels amazing on the face. You get a feel for how dense the knot really is and there is just enough splay that makes lathering a breeze.
As a wet shaver who values a great shave but has to be budget conscious I cannot recommend this brush enough. At this price the brush easily outperforms brushes twice its price. Is it a $300 brush made of unicorn horn? No. But is it a great brush at a fantastic price that will last for years to come? Absolutely!