Single Edge Blades

You don't need another blade in your razor - you just need a better one. Step up your shave game with our Single Edge injector razor blades. Twenty comfort coated blades, packaged in a handy injector cartridge and designed to perfectly fit your Single Edge razor. Fits all modern and vintage injector razors. 

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Single Blade.
Better Shave.

Despite what you've been told all these years, shaving with one blade really is better. It gives you just as close of a shave as your multi-bladed razor, but with much less irritation. It's simple, really - more blades means more friction, and friction irritates your skin.

Made in the USA

Our blades are made by one of the only remaining blade manufacturers in the United States. They've been making razor blades since the early 1900's and know a thing or two about shaving.

Twice as Thick

The blades used in our razor are known as "injector" razor blades. They have been in production for almost a century, are comfort coated, stainless steel, and more than twice as thick as today's razor blades - giving you a more substantial, effortless shave.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Supply Single Edge Blades

Supply blades shave great and they're a great value, too. I heartily recommend them.

Nice razor& Blades

Nice razor, great weight, reminds me of my younger years back in 1966 era, Only better. Thanks for making this wonderful razor. The blades I received from you are first class makes me proud to be a wet shaver.

Great blades, great price

After about 8 years of multiblade shaving, I thought I'd give this single blade lifestyle a try. Boy, was I missing out. These blades cut down my beard like no other blades I've used. I'm a convert.


Great shave. I am a customer for life.

Great blades

Blades work great for what I need them for. Very sharp.