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Warehouse Deals

Warehouse Deals

Sale price Price $ 49 Regular price $ 79

Warehouse deals are up to 50% off retail, and are final sale (no returns or exchanges). 

All warehouse deals come with minor aesthetic defects, but are functionally flawless. These products were received from the factory with minor scratches, dings, or blemishes. Unfortunately, we're not able to sell them at full price, but they're a steal at the rates we offer them. 

Warehouse deals may or may not include original packaging. If packaging is included, chances are it will be slightly damaged as well.

Check back often as inventory is updated, and feel free to contact us with any specific questions.

Please note, we cannot "pick" a specific item out of the warehouse and/or send you pictures of specific defects.

That said, the only complaint we've ever received on our warehouse deals was from a customer who said he felt duped because he couldn't find a scratch anywhere on the razor he received. You'll be very pleased.


Customer Reviews

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Beautiful design, excelent shaving

I really liked the elegant design of this razor, decided to give it a try and I have no regrets at all. With the instruction video in mind there were no problems adapting to the differences from a 5 blade razor. Based on the price I chose the warehouse deal and I actually can't find any aesthetic default so that was a nice surprise.

It's a (nice) step back in time, shaving experience, once you learn how.

I have been using canned foam and 5 blade razors for some years now. I was attracted to the Supply Razor and despite to price decided to give it a go. I did watch the videos before my first shave and to be frank, it didn't go well. Perhaps the video made me a bit too light on the pressure or maybe l dulled the first blade when l inserted it? I can't say, but it wouldn't shave worth a damn. I was using can foam at this time and not a brush and good quality soap. My next shave ended in a pretty serious cut, well a skin graft slice, more like, as l put on too much pressure. I was, warned, to be fair.
After this, l ordered a decent brush and soap and waited for them to arrive and my face to heal. Once they were all ready, l dove in again.
What a difference. I think the major difference is the brush and soap. It prepares my face for the blade and since then have had good results. It doesn't shave as close as the 5 blade l own, but l think it can be forgiven with a better price per blade.
Get this razor. Watch the videos and l strongly recommend you to buy a quality brush and shaving soap. Use the proper techniques and if you need to touch up here and there, so be it. Plus, Patrick and Jennifer are on the ball with customer service and satisfaction a priority.


Had, a bad start cut up , my face. It was my fault applied pressure. I was disappointed, was not receiving a close shave. These morning, 09/14 decided to change the blade, and it was a lot better. The old blade was only used three times, and not very good.
I will use the new blade and hopefully I will get on the weight track.
Thanks Gerry

Excellent Razor

Excellent stylish single blade razor. Let the razor do the work!

Shaves like a sports car

Shaves like like a sports car. The weight of the razor means you don’t have to work so hard.. the challenge is to learn how to harness the power without nicking the curves in my face... beautiful design