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NAME:The Single Edge - Classic Matte

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Warehouse deals are up to 50% off retail and are final sale (no returns or exchanges).  Please scroll down to read the full description of what you'll be getting when purchasing one of these products

All warehouse deals come with minor aesthetic defects, but are functionally flawless. These products were received from the factory with minor scratches, dings, or blemishes. Unfortunately, we're not able to sell them at full price, but they're a steal at the rates we offer them. 

Warehouse deals are final sale. We cannot offer refunds, returns or exchanges. If something is wrong that is clearly our fault, we'll make it right.

Warehouse deals may or may not include original packaging. If packaging is included, chances are it will be slightly damaged.

All razors come with a pack of 20 blades (just like full-price razors).

Promo codes do not work with warehouse deals.

We cannot "pick" a specific item out of the warehouse and/or send you pictures of specific defects. That said, the only complaint we've ever received on our warehouse deals was from a customer who said he felt duped because he couldn't find a scratch anywhere on the razor he received. You'll be very pleased.

Check back often as inventory is updated, and feel free to contact us with any specific questions.

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Color Stainless

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Customer Reviews

Based on 85 reviews
Exceeded expectations

I wanted to add this razor to my collection. Before ordering I had some questions so I pm’d the owner and no more than 12 hrs later had a response. My favorite razor is a Japanese straight razor .....until I got this razor. First off this thing has got some heft to it. Upon opening the box the packaging reminds me of an iPhone box packaging. The razor has great style and a quality feel to it. Trying to slide the new blade in is a bit tricky but it’s doable. The first shave you will have a small learning curve. Like other reviews, you don’t need much pressure! It feels effortless, no drag. It’s hard to explain but it just glides and cuts nicely. While it’s not as close as my straight razor it’s not far off and I haven’t cut myself with it yet. I bought the stand which is a perfect accompaniment to the razor. Looks sweet.
Cons: If you can call it that. It’s made of aluminum, aluminum conducts heat well and this razor dipped in my shaving water (which is hot ) caught me off guard with how much heat it retained. Due to the heft of the head I haven’t figured out how to get the clean lines on my beard like I’ve done with my straight razor. I’m sure it will come with a bit of practice. Overalls this thing is sooo sweet, I love it! Going to try some of the other products and probably going to order one for my brother and dad. Thank you for a great product and service. Craig

Warehouse razor

I, like many others, had a difficult time discerning why the razor I ordered was listed in the “warehouse sale” section. After about 30 seconds of VERY CLOSE scrutiny, I was able to locate some very minor blemishes on the underside of the razor. This was the second supply razor I ordered, and since it’s being kept in my travel bag, I really didn’t care what it looked like, just how it worked. That said, after receiving and looking it over, I’m probably going to keep this one on my bathroom counter in the razor stand and use my “perfect” one for my travel, since the stand is matte finished like my “warehouse” razor and my “perfect” razor is shiny. 10/10 would recommend.

Couldn't find anything wrong with it

Ordered what was essentially a factory second Warehouse Deal black Supply razor. I think it was $30 off list price.

Was expecting some scratches or imperfections on the finish. Upon receipt I unboxed it and looked it over, then looked it over again and then one last time. I couldn't find anything off about it.

I did have some issue loading the first blade into it but that may have been me ("Instructions, I don't need no instructions!")

Very happy with the purchase.

"OUTSTANDING" customer service and "AWESOME" product

SUPPLY customer service was "GREAT"!! Razor is AWESOME!!

Early Impressions

Had a bit of trouble at first which I could not understand. Manaav of your staff suggested that I may have had a bad blade - which turned out to be the case. With a fresh blade, the razor performed beautifully, although I think that I will benefit from the more aggressive head that I bought subsequent to my original purchase. So far, very impressed.


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