The Single Edge Travel Case
The Single Edge Travel Case
The Single Edge Travel Case
The Single Edge Travel Case

The Single Edge Travel Case

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The Single Edge Travel Case is custom designed for the Single Edge razor and hand crafted from full grain leather. Whether you're a frequent traveler or not, we've created a beautiful and functional case for the Single Edge in which you can be proud to store your razor.

It may seem like a simple leather case, but it's been over a year in the making. To bring this case to you, we've partnered with one of the premier leather manufacturing companies in the world, based in León, Mexico. It took me six months to convince them to work with me, and another six to design, prototype, and produce the cases. The result is nothing short of spectacular - and it's the first of many leather projects on the horizon for Supply.

This case is constructed from the highest quality full-grain leather we could find, and lined on the inside with the same leather. It's sewed with industrial strength polyester thread and assembled with custom spec'd YKK zippers. Finally, we paint all the edges of the leather for durability and aesthetics.

In short, there really is no better way to make a razor case.


• Fits the Single Edge razor (and you can also slide a pack of blades in there if you want).

• Full-grain leather lined inside and out.

• Industrial strength polyester thread.

• Custom spec'd YKK zippers.

• Edge paint for durability and aesthetics.

In The Box

• One Single Edge Travel Case


Customer Reviews

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Great Leather Case

Did you ever own a baseball glove? Do you remember how it smelled? Nothing like real leather to bring back those memories!
Well today I opened the Supply Leather Case box and relived those memories again. The case is a perfect size, well stitched,
lined with real leather (which is unexpected for the price), and is a bargain for $39. A perfect case to store my Single Edge between shaves. Glad I decided to buy one...

Great travel case

Looks sharp, well made, and the razor fits snugly. It'll be nice to bring my single edge along when I travel.

Love leather

match with single edge.

Top Notch!

Beautiful craftsmanship at an absurdly low price point for the quality. Room for a pack of injector blades, though a bit snug. I think it'd be nice with a Supply logo (if you have one) or simply: SUPPLY. Your customer service is also unrivaled.

best carrying case for the single edge

The case fits just perfect. Great acquisition, can't regret. Top quality material, you should get one for your single edge!