The Single Edge 2.0

This is the world’s closest, most comfortable shave. More precise than a multi-blade disposable. Easier to use than a straight razor. Say goodbye to irritation, nicks, and bumps. The Single Edge safety razor is engineered to provide you a lifetime of perfect shaves. Replacement blades are only $0.50 each.


INCLUDES Six-Month Blade Supply

100-Day Risk-Free Trial

COLOR:Classic Matte

100-Day Risk-Free Trial

You have 100 days to fall in love with our products. If you don't, we'll provide a full refund. No hassles. No hoops to jump through.

Free Shipping & Returns In The U.S.

We offer free 3-day shipping on all US orders. Orders placed on business days before 1pm CDT will ship same day. All other orders will ship the next business day.


INCLUDES Six-Month Blade Supply

100-Day Risk-Free Trial

In The Box

The difference is in the details

One SIngle Edge Razor

Classic Shave Setting

Twenty Razor Blades

A Lifetime of Great Shaves


The Single Edge glides across the surface of your skin, providing a close, comfortable, & irritation-free shave.

Engineered to the Highest Standards.

Precision-crafted from aerospace-grade stainless steel, The Single Edge is built to last a lifetime.


At twice the thickness of standard razor blades, our injector blades shave smoother and stay sharp longer.

"The Single Edge Razor will add some life into your morning ritual."
"I got the closest, most comfortable shave ever and didn't get a single razor bump."
"The single-blade razor that's a cut above."
"A new take on the classic safety razor."
"Elegant and razor burn free."
The Razor

The Single Edge has been thoughtfully engineered to upgrade your morning shave. Its design takes the guesswork out of finding the correct shave angle, and the single blade cuts hair precisely at the surface of your skin without leaving bumps or nicks. Better yet, it does all of this without ever clogging, breaking, or rusting.

The Blades

Our razors accept injector-style blades, which have been trusted by professionals for over a century. Being twice as thick as standard blades, they reduce the chances of irritation & ingrown hairs and require fewer passes for a close shave. They’re also safer to handle, as you can insert and eject them without having to touch them at all.

The Settings

Modern razors take a one-size-fits-all approach to shaving, but your skin & preferences are unique. Why isn’t your razor? We give you the ability to adjust your shave with optional Custom Shave Settings. Simply change the setting to change how close you shave.

The Warranty

The Single Edge is made out of the best materials on the planet, which is why it's guaranteed for 100 years against any defects in materials & workmanship. Our products are backed by our outstanding customer support team, who is ready to help if you ever run into any issues or need assistance with technique.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 992 reviews
Single razor

Very well built. The shaving is smoother than I was expecting

Great Razor.

I was hesitant for a few min before using it. But once I did use it, it was amazing. I like how the whole thing is plastic free, not a lot of waste, and the razor feels good on the skin. Now I did cut myself but for the first time use, it was my fault. I would recommend it to others.

Great razor

I have sensitive skin so I can’t use multiple blade razors. The single edge is the best single blade razor I have used. The ultra lather shaving kit is also amazing. And the post shave is good. Over all very satisfied!

Perfect shave

I just saved with with the razor, just out of the box.
Perfect, no pulling, close.
I should have bought this years ago! And the customer service is impeccable.

Absolutely love this razor and the company.

I can not say enough positive things about this company. I have messaged them a couple of times asking questions and they have responded within 24 hours each time. The company is based in the USA and most if not all of their products are actually made in the US. They offer a 15% military discount, which I appreciate greatly. That's just the company not to mention their products are also great. I have been shaving for over 20 years using some form of Gillette razor and wish I would have made the switch earlier. There was a bit of a learning curve when starting out, but now I get a much closer shave than ever before. I shave at least five times a week and usually have a five o'clock shadow immediately, now I come home 12 hours after shaving and still have a somewhat smooth face. Their shave soap, once I learned how to properly mix/prepare, Is great. I have been using it for over a month now and it's hardly made a dent in the jar. Plus, it smells great and leaves my face feeling clean and smooth. I used to get ingrown hairs all of the time and since switching I haven't had a single one. I would absolutely recommend this razor and company to anyone who is thinking about purchasing their products. I will be a Supply customer for a very long time. I just ordered the travel case and am looking forward to its arrival and one day plan on ordering the everyday dopp.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many blades are included?

Each razor ships with a pack of 20 stainless steel American-made injector blades. They'll last 5-6 months of daily shaving.

Is The Single Edge hard to shave with?

Learning how to shave with the Single Edge is simple. It typically takes 3-5 shaves to perfect your technique, and we include plenty of getting-started resources to help you get up and running. Plus, we love helping via email or Skype.

What kind of blades do I need to use?

The Single Edge accepts standard "injector" style blades. These blades have been in production for 100 years and can be easily purchased on our website,, and more. Every razor includes 20 blades to get you started.

What if I don't like the razor after trying it?

We offer a 100-day trial for all of our products. If at any time you decide that you're not 100% satisfied with them, just contact us and we'll send you a free shipping label to send it back. No hoops to jump through, no hassle. Really.


Try The Single Edge For 100 Days

Try it out, live with it, and see if you love it for up to 100 days. If you’re not getting the best shave of your life, send it back for a full refund. Return shipping is free and there are no questions asked.