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The Single Edge Starter Set

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    The first and only complete shaving system designed to eliminate razor bumps and guaranteed for life. Our starter set includes everything you need to experience the ultimate shave: stainless steel Single Edge razor, twenty American made injector blades, Ultra Lather Shaving Cream, Healing Post Shave, and Silvertip Synthetic™ Shave Brush.

  • • Solid stainless steel razor, built to last a lifetime

    • Easy, no-touch blade change

    • Ships with a six month supply of blades (that's 20 blades)

    • Designed to accept all standard "injector" style blades

    • Weighs 110g (think a little bit lighter than an iPhone)

    • The easiest way to shave with a single blade

  • • One Single Edge Razor

    • Classic Shave Setting

    • Mild, Classic, and Aggressive Shave Settings

    • Classic Shave Setting

    • Mild, Classic, and Aggressive Shave Settings

    • Classic Shave Setting

    • Mild, Classic, and Aggressive Shave Settings

    • Silvertip Synthetic™ Shave Brush

    • Ultra Lather Shaving Cream (4 oz)

    • Healing Post Shave (2 oz)

    • Twenty American-made Razor Blades

  • Sierra Ridge: A woodsy base of juniper combines with a hint of jasmine to take you on a top-down drive through Yosemite Valley. Our favorite outdoor getaway, this glacial valley set amongst the western Sierra Nevadas ignites the senses with vast, unending swaths of juniper, cedar, and redwood trees. This masculine fragrance is at once familiar and intriguing, confident but unassuming.

    Arenella Coast: This modern chypre is our homage to the Italian riviera - invigorating with a fresh and spirited fusion of bergamot, oakmoss, and cedar essential oils. This classic set of fragrances remind us of a stroll down the coastline of Portovenere, a dreamy Italian town perched on the Gulf of Poets' western promontory.

    Lost Provence: A calming fusion of lavender, blue sage, and basil essential oils relaxes and rejuvenates your senses. Influenced by Provence in the south of France, this fragrance pays tribute to the region’s aromatic lavender fields, quaint cobbled streets, and spectacular coastline views.

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Say Goodbye to Razor Burn

Shaving with a single blade safety razor is better for your skin, but the idea of shaving with one can be intimidating. That's why we created the Single Edge - it's the easiest way to begin shaving with a single blade.

Single Blade.
Better Shave.

When it comes to razor blades, less is more. It's simple, really - more blades means more friction, and friction irritates your skin. With the Single Edge, you get a close shave with zero irritation. 

No Touch Blade Change

Every razor ships with a six month supply of stainless steel single edge blades, packaged in an injector cartridge. This cartridge is used to inject a blade into the razor quickly and safely. Replacement packs of twenty blades are only $9.

Customize your Shave

You're unique, and your razor should be too. Customize the closeness of your shave with the Custom Single Edge and three shave settings - Mild, Classic, and Aggressive. Think of it like the clippers at your barbershop - change the setting to change how close you shave.

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